Prairie Theatre Exchange

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The Prairie Theatre Exchange was born out of a group of passionate volunteers in 1972. With its humble beginnings in a small, run-down building on Princess Street PTE has now become somewhat of a staple in the Winnipeg theatre scene.

The Prairie Theatre Exchange aims to challenge, provoke and touch Manitobans by echoing their realities and drawing from real life experiences. Theatre-goer’s are able to see themselves, friends and family represented on stage in a way that can’t be duplicated in the same way.

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About Prairie Theatre Exchange

PTE fills a unique and important void in the Winnipeg performing arts scene, it specifically focuses on Manitoban and Canadian artists, speaking to the “non-arts” audience members just the same as those who have been involved in theatre and arts their whole lives.

Today the Prairie Theatre Exchange continues to understand the importance of theatre education and the PTE School has expanded its scope to a wide array of programs and outreach projects that offer valuable resource to the community that gave the PTE life in the first place. The school hosts several hundred students from all different age groups. Workshops are conducted by PTE instructors in core-area schools or at the Portage Place facilities, providing an opportunity for children to experience a new outlet of expression they may not experience otherwise.