The Riverwood

Premier Group of Companies Pattern

The Riverwood is chic, elegant and sophisticated all wrapped into one gorgeous kitchen.

This kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind, it’s the ideal layout to freely interact with guests while still preparing meals and serving beverages. The simple floor plan allows for a maximized circulation pattern that breaks the space into different social interaction areas allowing for proper separation of cook and guest so that both are not hindered in any way.

The Focus of the kitchen is anchored in the center by the symmetry of island, range area, and hood fan creating an implied line that demands attention to the center of the space as it should be. The dark grey acrylic central cabinets provide more visual weight allowing your eye to follow the subconscious line from the island all the way up the hood to the ceiling. The counter is a done in a beautiful White Whistler quarts to keep the clean lines and contrast as its base form and not muddy the composition.

The Mixed Carrara Marble Hexagon tiles tie in the dark and light aspects of the room perfectly and the hexagon pattern is used to elevated the the space by incorporating a geometry that is not normally seen. Elegant chrome clear glass pendant lights spotlight every detail of this space, inviting people in and enticing them to stay.