The Pear Tree

Premier Group of Companies Pattern

A warm and inviting space

The neutral tones are very relaxing, with beautiful shades of taupe cleanly accented by soft white and clean tile patterns that captivate the eye. This washroom is minimalism done right.

Lighting is always an important factor when it comes to designing any space; if it’s not lit properly there is no point in looking at it. The ambient lighting in this space is near perfect in the way that it compliments the colours and truly gives them more depth.

The dark walnut wood floating vanity with the white vessel sink is amazingly simple and pleasing to the eye. The form is minimalist and the design is very intentional as it limits surface area allowing the surface to remain clean and clutter free.

The entrance to the bathroom is very unique in that it is a well crafted, frosted glass panel door that maximizes natural light while maintaining privacy.

This Winnipeg bathroom design as a whole is reminiscent of a modern minimalist Japanese spa; it truly emits a sense of calmness and relaxation, something that is a must for any bathroom.