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From the perfectly tiled shower to the stand alone tub, this bathroom is luxury at its finest.

The use of glass panel doors and a light colour palette for the shower allows light to flow through the entire space. The clean and simple colour palette is created by a series of three different types and sizes of tiles. The shower looks almost sculptural in its application of visual texture and proportions. The custom niche goes a long way to increase functionality without taking away from the other details in the shower.

We used shower fixtures that were the perfect combination of opulence and functionality. The rain shower head creates a feeling of true relaxation and the functional shower wand and shower controls allow for a customized shower experience.

A wide variety of tile was used in this renovation, not just for aesthetic reasons but also because it is functional and great for spaces with high moisture content. The use of different tile designs and textures are what makes this room unique and luxurious.

The tub is a definite conversation piece — placed perfectly in front of the window for a bath with a view. It is simple and sophisticated and goes perfectly with the straight lines and rigid geometry throughout the room.

Lighting is another very important part of this design considering how much light is allowed to pass through the space whether it be from the window, the glass block detailing behind the toilet or the very practical waterproof recessed lights in the shower. Light is vital in this space to really play on how each surface is slightly different in its visual texture.

By creating a very simple shaker style vanity front with well proportioned modern hardware we were able to create a timeless and simplistic look. The flat face profile of the counters help to maintain the form that is being pursued in this design and the coloration of the counter helps to ground the piece amidst the the strong use of white and grey. The backsplash tile is what ties everything in, this tile is used in a very strategic manner through the space to unify the colors from the counter and the tiles as well as tie in spaces together such as the shower and the vanity. The backsplash tile is intentionally oriented in the vertical to create a sense of height to the vanity composition so it looks and feels well proportioned.

This Winnipeg bathroom is one to enjoy!