The Fairhaven

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It’s all about the detail

Fairhaven Bathroom is filled with many unique aspects that make for a stunning final product. There are three main elements in this bathroom, the shower, vanity and floor.

A large natural stone tile was used in the shower to add a serene and calming effect to the overall look of the room. Installers used an advanced pattern matching technique to keep the tile pattern uniform throughout. The chrome rain shower head is not only a beautiful and relaxing feature but it’s also a great way to decrease overall water consumption.

We saved space that would be taken up with a swing shower door by installing a modern glass barn door — not only is it functional but it’s also clean and sleek, offering a more open concept to the entire room.

We incorporated a custom niche into the shower and by recessing it into the wall we were able to increase the functional space within the shower while keeping shower products organized in a sleek way.

Finishes are often simply a matter of taste, but it’s clear that the chrome hardware used in the Fairhaven goes beautifully with the composition of the shower as a whole. Chrome provides a clean look, it’s a timeless finish that doesn’t take away from the other aspects of the shower.

The double vanity is a perfect way to increase functionality within the bathroom. The contrast of the white quartz countertop with the wood cabinets is simply eye catching — it’s a modern, clean look that makes a huge statement in a simple way.

A beige ceramic floor tile was used to tie the whole bathroom together, it’s simple yet sophisticated and creates a spa-like atmosphere within the room.

The Fairhaven was a project where attention to detail was key because it is the details that make this bathroom the stunning room that it is.