The Bannatyne

Premier Group of Companies Pattern

Residing in one of the first warehouse-to-condominium conversions in Western Canada within Winnipeg’s Exchange District, these customers wanted to open up their home and let its existing historical components take the spotlight. Premier’s team worked with the homeowners to develop the best approach for actualizing the changes they imagined: greater flow of movement, and more defined focal areas throughout the space.


Together, Lead Designer Charles Kimball and Second Designer Rachel Teichroew created an open concept design based on the client’s inspiration for focus and light as the main aspects of the space’s presentation. Collaborating with Construction Lead Chris Lofto, two walls were removed to open the kitchen, modifying its layout to maximize effortless motion throughout the home and encourage a more social dynamic.

Simplicity and durability were key in capturing the historical context of the space and complementing its existing structural features in this kitchen renovation. The classic masonry is a striking characteristic and is maintained as a prominent feature, demanding admiration with its natural texture and aged antique look. Walls without stonework create an unassuming canvas in fresh white, leaving opportunities for the homeowners to add their own personal flair without overpowering the traditional elements of the space. Black trim creates high contrast against the light walls, framing elements within the space while preserving relevance to the building’s original colour scheme.


Bright light from outdoors filters in through tall, broad windows, setting the atmosphere to allow full appreciation of the height of the space. Rich brown kitchen cabinets finished in Walnut Tiepolo from the Legno Collection by Stevenswood Doors flawlessly harmonize with the newly installed flooring. The cabinetry’s long dark veins smoothly draw the eye vertically toward the high ceiling and its vintage raftering; overhead, modest track lighting across the kitchen ceiling and a Bazz Loft Light suspended above the dining area evoke warmth and provide practical surface lighting.


Multiple, versatile settings for using appliances and kitchen devices was a fundamental element for these homeowners. Elegant, finely dappled GS Granite countertop in Black Pearl borders the kitchen with deep gray, highlighting the authentic original brickwork mirrored in its gleaming surface. A newly constructed island within the kitchen establishes the perfect area for entertaining guests. Its GS Granite Mascarello countertop attracts attention with lively swirled marbling in golds, whites and grays, inspiring social gathering around the island and adding another working surface for cooking and entertaining. The new Samsung oven and microwave harmonize perfectly with the Maytag refrigerator and dishwasher, all finished in neutral subdued silver.


With Premier’s Integrated Project Delivery, design and construction teams utilized Premier’s Design Centre to select appropriate, alluring materials, working together from concept to completion to avoid any last minute changes or budget overages. Project Manager Shay Stimpson ensured communication between team members from start to finish to keep the project within the planned timeline and budget. Using Computer-Aided 3D modeling, Premier was able to visualize the home’s design and highlight its historical characteristics just as these homeowners envisioned.