Campbell I

Premier Group of Companies Pattern

The Campbell project was a designers dream.

The aim of this design was to modernize the washroom by updating materials, increase storage and address previous concerns about a water problem. The form of the washroom uses the space effectively, helping it feel quite large for such a small washroom. This can be attributed to the decision to paint the ceiling blue allowing the ceiling plane to have more depth thereby increasing the visual space.

The alabaster strip tile was interesting to work with, our designers extended the tiling to the vanity from the tub surround allowing for more cohesion of the different elements in the washroom. We got a little creative when it came to the tub and created a sloped shelf at the back of the tub area instead of a niche, this was a better fit for the tub and more functional overall.

The multi bar towel warmer is fantastic for this this washroom as it is the main washroom and undergoes heavy use from all members of the family. Since the space was small in size there was not much space to install a towel bar so we opted for a multi bar towel warmer on a timer to increase the speed of drying towels and multiple towels at that.